Xbox live stuff hacked. Find out how

Xbox live stuff hacked. Find out how
Focus on this method, and dont give up and u will have it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Free Microsoft Xbox Live Points

ok here is another secret, just like the xbox live one, we have found you a way to earn free
xbox live marketplace microsoft points

** i did this, and got 1200 xbox live points in some time!
there is no catch to this, the truth is it just takes a bit of time, but hey 5 minutes here, 10 there, and before you know it you have earned enough points for your

the trick is to use a website, which, by filling out a survey, will reward you with points that are used to get virtually any prize from their website!

take a try at this, and you will see it works. give it 15 minutes here, there and there you go, you just got those precious microsoft points to use, but you GOTTA STICK WITH IT, dont just jump from different methods, chose this one, and just do it!!

OK, so now that you know what i am talking about, here are those precious details:

Find the link on my page to prize rebel, or take this one, BUT DONT GO UNTIL YOU HAVE READ FULL POST, OR YOU WILL NOT EARN POINTS AS EFFICIENTLY!
Click here AFTER you are ready!

Click the link, and click signup, enter the fields, and make sure
to use a real email, as it is used to get you your codes.

ok, here is the tricky part, fill out the surveys and offers, just
go to the tab that says "view available offers"!

STEP 2.5:
keep GOING!

Now when you have enough points, click CLAIM PRIZE, and under XBOX, select the points or months or whatever, and the code is emailed to you!

If you run out, just QUICKLY DO IT AGAIN!

**If you think this is too complicated, just do it, and you will learn from your mistakes!

NOW, hopefully you have made up ur mind which way you will go, so go do it,
get those points! whatever works works, you still get those points!

now remember, hey why not make my happy and

Click here To Begin


After you login, you can easily navigate the menue on the left, choose the offers,
and off you go! good luck!


-once you understand how it all works, and want to speed it up, you can use RoboFormRoboForm to fill in many of the offers for you automatically!


Anonymous said...

Ive waited 3 days and I did not get an activation code. What is wrong?

KnowOrange said...

I don't know, maybe in your junk mail? maybe you spelled the email wrong? or try having them send it again, you should get it within a minute, i got mine like instantly...

Anonymous said...

i dont get it at all thats it exacly

George said...

hey knoworange could you help me out please?? I cant even sign up for a new account at prize rebel, everytime i press sign up it says "Someone has already signed up from your location"

If you could still sign up a new account please help me make one to this email address -, and mail me the password too thank you so much!! :)

KnowOrange said...

Hey george, i tried, but i got the same error message as you, then i tried doing forgot password, but your not in the database.

I think it is your IP address, you can only signup one time there per IP address, so someone else did somehow before or while its yours...I would suggest contact them for help

Sony said...

Hi knoworange! this technique rox man. its been 2 months since i started completing offers and now I have the equivalent of 100 box. U re the man... Well I guess Prizerebel is, but anyways. Keep it up with the good work dude. Do u habve any new "tricks" coming up?

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! pretty sweet. Why did you delete the article about hacking gamertags? It worked sweet. I hope to see it up again soon

Anonymous said...

when i click on the activation code and try to sign in it says "Please activate your acount firtst" what do i do and i already clicked the link they sent me.

N1njaAL said... do u get the points mine sayz 0 i dont no wats going on i am a noob!

KnowOrange said...

OK This is how you get the points.
On the left there is a menue. Click "View Available Offers"
Then chose one of the categories that you want, and look for an Offer. When you see one you want to do, click "CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THIS OFFER". Thats it!

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere online where i can get fake information like address,phone number,ect.
Because i dont want some random stuff being mailed to me, or get a bunch of phone calls (i wont mind spam in my email).

Anonymous said...

i complete offers but i don't get any points

KnowOrange said...

just use google! Say you live in city AAAA, and you have some important monument/ central plaza/ whatever. Google your city name and object name and "contact info". You should find everything you need!

Anonymous said...

where do u find that website with the questions?

Anonymous said...

yo knoworange how long does it take for your activation to come through

KnowOrange said...

should come within a day for sure, typical checks- junk mail? did you enter right email? or try again. I got mine like instantly... If you still don't get it, and cant contact them, give me your email and i will send a support question to them

Anonymous said...

um yeah.... how do you know when your done with the survey there is just so many pop ups of surveys i dont even know what one is even the real survey.

KnowOrange said...

If you can't log in, try clicking the activation link again, if you arent getting points, just wait... sometimes it takes time to confirm. If you're having trouble finding the survey, just read the description on the offer, and hopefully that would help. If its still not working, contact them. If you can't, give me your email and i will tell them about it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i've waited about 2 days now, and still no activation code? Whats going on with that?

Anonymous said...

Hi. Walmart guy ripped me off but they dont let me get a new one. Can you spare me one.


dudeer82 said...

do you have a tip if I don't live in the US or Canada, UK, AUS ???

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
not us mad at this thing said...

and what if i dont live in us its got a ip finder i h8 that i got a ip gen but how dose it get through the fire wall?

Anonymous said...

how long do the survies take?

Ryan said...

How many points do in need to get a prize?

Swaffy said...

I got practically everything down for the website, but I didn't know when to exit out of the survey box when completing that survey. I get the point that it will take some time for the points to submit and show up, but I can't tell right now, because I don't even know if the survey counted towards points. This is what I do: I say no to all of the ads but one, and view the ad. Then I exit out?

I believe many people have this problem, and we would like an answer. Thanks, KnowOrange Knowledge.

KnowOrange said...

Swaffy, I think I know what you mean. Sometimes i find vague ones too when you don't really know when it is finished. I would say just do what the description tries to say. Sometimes it gets confusing, and if it doesn't say, then your guess is as good as mine. But usually you get a confirmation message saying you successfully "registered" or whatever, and if that's a requirement then it's all you have to do.

If you are still having problems, tell me which offer exactly you are trying to do.

Anonymous said...

I used a yahoo account will it still work or no?

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